Prometey-Auto is one of the main auxiliary units of the group, it performs a logistic function in the company’s trading activities.

Prometey fleet of grain trucks of various tonnage provides maneuverability, independence, efficiency in providing logistic services of grain and oilseed crops for farmers and traders.

Maintenance of transport units is carried out by the qualified specialists of the Prometey fleet. All grain trucks are equipped with systems for tracking the geography of traffic and the safety of cargo.

The company Prometey proposes and considers proposals on an ongoing basis for the provision of transportation services to partners and customers on mutually beneficial terms.

Director: Mirzoyan Vilgelm Avagovich

The address: Nikolaev, 93 Kosmonavtov str.

Dispatch center:

Chief dispatcher: Filatova Elena Anatolievna

Tel. (0512) 23 12 15, 050 337 20 72

Тел. (0512) 23 12 15, 050 337 20 72

Fleet Prometey-Auto: