"Prometey" is working to attract foreign investment for the development of agricultural business in Ukraine


Since the end of May 2019, Prometey Group has successfully started working with the Swiss company SCCF, which provided trade financing in the amount of $ 10 million under FCR and a bill of lading. And after six months of fruitful cooperation, it was possible to achieve financing of the accumulated goods at linear elevators.

- “For the Prometey group of companies, the beginning of work with a Swiss company is an achievement, especially now, at a time when we constantly hear fears from our external partners because of the economic and political crisis in Ukraine,” said the chairman of the board of Prometey Rafael Goroyan.
SCCF trade financing nationwide signaled the return of confidence of leading Swiss financial institutions to the owners of Ukrainian elevators after a major scandal involving AgroInvestGroup.

- “It is very important that the Ukrainian media correctly convey information and do not create excessive panic around the events taking place in our country. After all, the financial market is extremely sensitive to any fluctuations, no one wants to invest money where they are not protected. Finances love stability, as Prometey Group has been demonstrating for almost a quarter century on the Ukrainian market. We are able to protect the investments of our external partners, thereby guaranteeing security and stable profit for them, ” the businessman emphasized.

For the Prometey group of companies, cooperation with a Swiss company was another successful step in development, on the way to vertical integration, and also allowed creating more comfortable trading conditions for elevators for elevators.
The company does not stop there and is actively working to attract external financial institutions for the development of agricultural business in Ukraine.
“We expect support from large international banks, because we were able to fulfill all the necessary requirements and in terms of indicators, I hope that we will soon be able to reach a new, higher level of financing,” the head of the company concluded.

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