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Prometey company is actively strengthening its position in the CIF market - Ukragroconsult


For effective competition, the management of Prometey adheres to the strategy of expanding export markets. In this regard, the company began to actively sell grain and oilseeds not only on FOB terms, but also on CIF terms.

Today, Prometey has concluded three contracts for the supply of agricultural products on CIF terms. In December 2017, Prometey made the first shipment of soybeans on CIF terms to Greece. The batch volume amounted to 5 thousand tons. In January 2018, 5 thousand tons of soybeans were sold under an export contract to Turkey. Also in January, another contract was completed with the CIF delivery basis, according to which 3 thousand tons of corn and 3 thousand tons of barley were sold to Greece.
“In February 2018, a two-week business trip to Europe took place. Representatives of the Prometey company visited business partners from Spain, Greece and Switzerland. Also, the trip participants held meetings with representatives of Greek oil extraction plants, which previously bought soybeans from Prometey.
The main purpose of the trip was to establish stable cooperation, strengthen long-term and mutually beneficial relations with potential and existing customers, ”said Yunus Yusupov, one of the leading traders at Prometey.

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